The Movie


A Story worth telling…

The last 10 years has been quite a journey. From our humble backyard beginnings 10 years ago to a multi-event series offering opportunities for the next generation, it has been an amazing ride. It’s a story worth telling, with the hope that our experiences will inspire another generation of riders to make a difference in their community. We have begun work on a documentary film featuring the Jam 4 Cans project to help take our vision of making a positive impact in our local community to a much larger stage. What if the entire snowsports world decided to end hunger in each community? What if, instead of being purely selfish sports, skiing and snowboarding could be used as tools to meet the needs of communities across the world? Join us as we seek to find out.   

For more information contact Jam 4 Cans Director Caleb Foss to see how you can be involved. If you would like to contribute to the expenses associated with this project, check out our Donate page.